The Forum – Where London Happens

[h3]MRCF has had a makeover…[/h3]

Many of you probably know us as the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum or MRCF. We spent the summer revisioning, rebranding, and remaking our image to reflect what we’ve always known:


[h2]The Forum is WHERE LONDON HAPPENS.[/h2]
Many of you are mentors for vulnerable migrants. You make London happen.
Some of you are volunteers as English teachers. You make London happen. 


We want the rest of London to know about your good work and how they can help us welcome migrants to London.
To do this we have three new components:


[h3]New Name[/h3]
Most people know us as MRCF but after 19 years of tongue tying it is time for something simple. Our legal name stays the same but you can call us The Forum.


[h3]New Website[/h3]
Visit our new website to see our updated look with more videos, pictures, and blog series on important issues:


[h3]New Film[/h3]
This summer we created a film, entitled ‘Where London Happens’, to capture the spirit of what we do. Our talented filmaker, Julie France, created the film with the help of many volunteers and staff. Please watch the film and join in:

Come to The Forum

Where London Happens



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