Abolish Reporting

Abolish Reporting is a national campaign calling for a world built on principles of care, not surveillance. Anyone who is waiting for a final decision on their application to live in the UK can be required to regularly travel to “sign on” at an Immigration Reporting Centre. Every appointment carries the risk of being randomly taken to a detention centre and threatened with deportation. Reporting conditions amount to unfair, unjust and unnecessary harassment of migrants, and must be abolished!

In March 2020, we wrote to the Home Secretary calling for in-person reporting to be suspended. The demand was eventually successful, but as another lockdown approached, the Home Office made the reckless decision to restart reporting conditions.

In March 2021, we launched the Abolish Reporting campaign with These Walls Must Fall. Over 200 people joined our first online meeting. The decentralised campaign has grown to include people across Britain, many with experience of reporting, and has garnered support from local MPs such as Olivia Blake. In July 2021, we gathered outside 6 of the 12 Reporting Centres in Britain and online for the first national day of Abolish Reporting action.

Our vision is for care, not surveillance: we want to see a society which welcomes all migrants and treats them with dignity. We believe that migrants should not be punished or surveilled, but rather, they should be supported and treated justly. Our demands:

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We demand an end to reporting conditions and the immigration bail regime, for everyone.

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We demand Immigration Enforcement and surveillance out of migrants’ lives.

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We demand the Home Office enforcement functions be defunded and abolished.

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We demand that funds spent on Home Office and enforcement systems be diverted and invested in community support and care for migrants.

The action is just beginning— join us! We are currently campaigning to end the use of 24/7 GPS tracking of migrants as a condition of immigration bail.

Take action to stop GPS tracking!