Updated Resources to Challenge Reporting Conditions

We’ve published two updated resources to help you challenge immigration reporting conditions!

Our guidance for advisers and caseworkers on challenging reporting conditions has now been updated to reflect changes in policy up to May 2023. The guide provides clear, step-by-step questions and tips to help you understand and challenge a reporting condition. We’ve also included template letters you can use.

We have also published an updated flyer and checklist on the topic of challenging reporting conditions. These flyers share key information and provide a simple checklist that can be used to help indicate if a reporting condition is not appropriate for someone. They are free to print, distribute and share! If you are involved in a local signing solidarity group, for example, please feel free to take some flyers with you next time you go to your local reporting centre.

Reporting conditions are unnecessary and can be extremely burdensome. We hope these resources will be useful in challenging reporting for individual cases and supporting people to know their rights around reporting. You can find both of these resources and many more materials developed by the Migrants Organise team on our publications page.

Together, we can abolish reporting! Reporting conditions are a key part of how the hostile environment immigration policy inflicts violence on our communities and makes it difficult for migrants to access basic justice and dignity in daily life. Migrants Organise is part of the Abolish Reporting campaign, a coalition of grassroots groups fighting for a world of care, not surveillance. Led by people with direct experience of the reporting system, we’re calling for this unfair, unjust and unnecessary harassment of migrants to be abolished. Learn more.