Watch The Forum’s Live Performance of ‘The Hypochondriac’

On Wednesday 15th February the theatre group performed at The centre a comedy by Molière called The Hypochondriac. First it was performed in the 17th century, as a play about love and treason, hope and tradition, containing a brilliant social and political commentary on Paris in the 1670s.

With a strong sense of humour and an intelligent point of view, our drama team directed by Maja Milatovic-Ovadia, was successful at accomplishing this difficult challenge. By working hard on this project, all participants demonstrated the importance of The Forum’s workshops as an opportunity for sharing and learning from each other.

[h4]For this reason, we want to be grateful to all of them. Congratulations to the talented actors and actresses: [/h4]

Ali: Argan
Hypochondriac who regularly takes various
concoctions prescribed by a physician and
prepared by an apothecary.

Aissata: Toinette
Intelligent, sassy maid who schemes to overcome
Argan’s opposition to Angélique’s wish to marry

Sandra: Angelique
Argan’s daughter.


Julie: Beline
Argan’s second wife and stepmother of his


Hussain: Cleante
Young man who loves Angélique


Patricia: Doctor Diafoirus
Argan’s physician.



Qandagha: Tomas Diaforus
Son of Dr Diafoirus. He has just completed
studies to become a physician.

Agnes: Beraldine
Argan’s sister.


Maja: Director and drama teacher

Jon: Painter of the set

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