Stitching Solidarity: Migrants Organise Sewing Group finds Success at Christmas Fair

On December 4th, the Migrants Organise sewing group ran a stall at the annual Christmas Fair hosted by London’s Southbank International School. A variety of beautifully-made bags and cushions – all made by refugee and migrant women who are participating in our mentoring programme – were available for purchase.

Proving popular amongst school pupils and their parents, the colourful products sold fast and the sewing group was able to make almost £100 in less than two hours. All profits from the event will go directly to the group, enabling them to purchase more fabric and craft materials, pay for travel to and from their sewing classes, and allow more women to join in and benefit from the initiative.

The sewing class is one of a series of weekly educational, social and cultural activities that Migrants Organise runs in order to support migrants and refugees, many of whom are isolated, lonely, or finding it difficult to settle in the UK. Sewing allows women to come together in a safe environment, learn new skills, and develop new friendships. It also encourages them to develop the confidence and ability to navigate Britain’s social, cultural and community systems, which often work very differently from those that they are used to in their home countries.

Supporting refugees to live more independent, socially-engaged and fulfilling lives is a crucial part of welcoming them to the UK and enabling them to integrate within, benefit from, and contribute to this country.  Migrants Organise is therefore grateful to the staff and pupils at the Southbank International School, Notting Hill, for their support, both this year and on previous occasions.

Click here to read more about the Migrants Organise sewing group. For more information about the workshops and activities that we run, please contact or phone us on 020 8964 4815.

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