Original Music by MRCF Members


Listen to these pieces of musical art composed by Ali, Louie and Mahmood in Bobby Whiskers’ music workshop!

MRCF organised and sponsored the workshop, which took place during five 2-hour sessions from February to March, followed by a one-day recording session in April.

Sharing a little about the process involved in writing their lyrics and recording their songs, Ali and Louie said that Bobby began the workshop by bringing in samples of rap music and leading a discussion about what informed the writing, rhyme, rhythm and figures of speech – such as alliteration, repetition, similes and metaphors.

After the introduction, Bobby asked each of them to start writing lyrics for the production of a single at the end of the workshop. He then played some CD’s with samples of music and asked them to select a background for their single. Ali chose to use a live guitarist, Dave, whom he would like to thank! MRCF members- Ali, Louie, and Mahmood- each wrote a poem and brought it to Bobby, who helped arrange it with the music.

At the end of the workshop, Bobby kindly brought his mobile recording studio in to MRCF, and each sang the lyrics while listening to the background music. Ali recorded his song without music and had Dave’s guitar music added later.

They found writing the lyrics to be the easy part because they all love to write and had already had the opportunity, through MRCF, to take the English Pen creative writing workshop. They believe that everybody has something to say. Ali was grateful to Bobby for pushing them to be creative and come up with something. Louie said that timing the lyrics with the beat of the song was the most critical part and the hardest to get right, saying:

“Even if your voice is not so good, if the flow is there and it goes with the background, the music will be good.”


A New Dawn by Lousie


Winters Will Be Gone by Ali


Conflict by Mahmood

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