Love and Passion: A Special St. Valentine’s Gift from The Forum

Love, passion. People have always been talking about love and passion. But what do they mean? What’s the reason of creating a day to celebrate it? It is impossible for me to give you an answer, and maybe a correct answer to this question does not exist. For this reason I’ll try to explain what love represents for me.

Love is when I can hear her voice. Love is her name. Love is when coming back home I know that someone is waiting for me. Love is feeling that everything is possible. Love is my mother, my family. Love are my passions. Love is when I feel at home. Love is my country. Love are my tradition, my culture. Love is respect. Love is being honest with me. Love is craziness. Love is difficult and sometimes it hurts. Love is black but is also white. Love should be uncomplicated but sometimes it is not. Love is my religion. Love is something that sometimes we are not interested with. Love is also fear about the future. Love is the certainty of the present.

I didn’t talk about gifts, flowers. I didn’t talk about something that happens once per year. I didn’t talk about concepts or dreams. I am talking about something that is real, something that sometimes is hidden below our fears. I am just talking about something that I need. I am talking about my breath.

Here at the The Forum, we are celebrating St Valentine’s Day our own way: by collecting our best love songs from around the world. We want to tell you that even though the word ‘love’ can be said in different languages it always has the same meaning.


[h4]Happy St Valentine’s Day…[/h4]

Lucio Battisti – E penso a te

Dario: Simply because i love it. Simple words for something so strong.

Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You In The End

Chiara: …because it is uncomplicated – the way love should be.

The Cure – Lovesong

Nick: I discovered this song only after Adele covered it in her latest album. Every love song should have a little cheesy 80’s feel and The Cure version comes through.

Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet

Mustapha: Romeo and Juliet is romantic. It is international. Everyone knows it is the most romantic you can find.

Joy Division Love will tear us apart

Only Zrinka can find such a tragically romantic British punk rock song.

Fairuz: Shayef el Bahr

Nahla: Fayrouze, no time , no space, flying high or sinking deep

Etta James – At Last

Anne: …because it makes you believe in love

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Shayna: …because even if she is not here physically she will always be here in spirit just like love

Francisco Céspedes – Vida loca

Laura: I really like this song, which make a great relation among life and love; how crazy and passionate a relationship could be. It is a lost love.
He loves that crazy life, those crazy moments, tha crazy reality, that crazy feeling that you feel when your are in love.

Francesco De Gregori: Rimmel

Francesca: Because love is happiness!

Miriam Makeba – Malaika (1969)

Agnes: It reminds me of my parents who loved this song during that time. This song is still cherished by people today. It is about a youth who was in love but didn’t have wealth to get married so he sings instead.

En Kadhal Solla – Paiyaa ~ New Tamil Song ~ Karthi Tamanna

Indre: You don’t need to understand the lyrics to appreciate the beauty of this song. This is my favourite love song ever! I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
(Roy Croft)

Awtaru Kebede – Clip 7

Senait: I really love this song because it reminds me GOD’S unconditional love. The meaning is I have Got a GOD I can Trust and believe all the time

NO DOUBT -Don’t speak

Anna: Try not to cry too much…


Silvana: I like this song because there is lots of passion, and this what a woman wants to hear from a man, to die for her.

eritrean – love song ”miloy” by minas belay

Petros: I love this song because it is above love in the Red Sea port of Eritrea called Massawa. There are many young lovers go there to have a good time, swimming eating and kissing each other. It is a song from an exile who says, ” in the town of Massawa at the cost I remember the time of love we spend together. I really like the song.

Aster Aweke

Sofia: I like this song. I think it summarizes my sentiment for love and my beloved sister who was fan of Aster Aweke. Now I am a fan too. I especially love the last two sentences:

Here it is
ደግ ደጉን ሳጣ ሀዘኔ መረረ :
ሞትን ሞት ቢወሰደዉ ይሻለኝ ነበረ

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