London Mayoral Elections – Have your say on the 3rd of May!

On 27th March, the Forum held an Engage to Change discussion on the London Mayoral elections to be held on 3rd of May 2012. We focused on election issues relevant to migrant and refugee communities in London and voter registration and voting procedures. Here is an update on questions raised during the meeting and other useful info:

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  • Who can vote:  In additions to British Citizens, you can vote if you are over 18 and from an EU country, the Irish Republicand a Common wealth Country (see the full list here)
  • If you have an INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN and are not from one of the Commonwealth Countries you CANNOT vote in the Mayoral Elections (you can vote in local elections).
  • It is crucial that you register to vote by the 18th April. You can do this by contacting your local council or online at London Elects. This website contains other useful information in all community languages. [/ul]

Mayoral election campaign is in a full swing. If you wish to find out more about what candidates think and plan to do for London and its migrant and refugee citizens, we draw your attention to two upcoming meetings:

1) Migrants Rights Network (MRN) meeting on 11th April from 10a.m.  till 1 p.m. at Diana Princess of Wales Fund, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7PB

This is an opportunity to hear from mayoral campaigns and ask them about their views on migration and integration issues. For further details and registration call MRN on 0207 920 6420 or visit online registration site:

2) London Citizens are organising a 2500 people strong Assembly with five mayoral candidates on the 25th Aprilto ask for:

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          • A better governed London
          • A better housed London
          • A safer London
          • A brighter future for your Londoners
          • A living wage for London

Places are limited and each member institution can only bring 8 people to the assembly. For those who will not be there on the 25th. The Forum will distribute candidates’ responses to this agenda before May 3rd so that you can make informed decision about who to vote for.

[h4]Don’t waste your vote. It does make a difference. Have your say on the 3rd of May![/h4]

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