We Keep Each Other Safe! Rwanda Resources and Actions

Many of you will have seen the news that the Home Office is escalating its racist and violent bordering regime by ‘surprise’ detaining people seeking asylum in order to attempt to remove them to Rwanda. There are always options, so please read on to find resources, actions and ways to support. 

Image by Migrants In Culture

We also know that often these announcements (on a Sunday evening, ahead of local elections this Thursday) are designed to spread fear and panic; to force people to want to run and hide. Sharing anti-raids info and notices about plans is essential, but also please be mindful of additionally offering care, support, accompaniment, info and resources regarding lawyers and other support, and trying not to feed into the frenzy.

Equipping ourselves with up-to-date and accurate information of what is happening and who might be affected, and understanding of how we can support those who are directly impacted, is the most crucial thing we can do in this moment; as well as connecting with each other and building networks of solidarity and resistance.

Remember that we keep each other safe, and we leave no one behind. Let our rage drive us to action in and with our communities.

Resources to share

  • Care 4 Calais have created this flyer and information sheet giving people at risk of removal to Rwanda information on the Rwanda Bill and Notice of Intent letters (NOI) – this is the most comprehensive list and is translated into different languages, so recommend reading these and sharing with any communities of people seeking asylum that you are in touch with. 
  • Action Against Detention & Deportations (AADD) have created the attached Rwanda Deportation Information Flyer also, which you can read here and share
  • Right to Remain have a very useful webpage on their toolkit (which is overall a really important resource for anyone who needs information regarding their immigration status), specifically around the Rwanda Act and Treaty. They also have a page on immigration raids and your rights.  
  • Anti-Raids have produced leaflets (in English, and translated) on what to do if you see an immigration raid. It’s worth familiarising yourself with these processes, and having examples of these leaflets to give out on stalls etc with you. 
  • This is a useful thread on Twitter of things to be mindful of when sharing information and taking action around what is currently happening. 

Actions this week

  • Anti-Raids Groups and many others are mobilising this week, particularly to run stalls outside local reporting centres (usually Home Office buildings) to provide support for those who might be detained following reporting, and to equip people with the knowledge of information and resources that can provide support. There are actions happening today and over the course of this week, and many groups are planning actions beyond. You can find your local anti-raids group here, and we recommend keeping an eye on social media if you are able to support any mobilisations to keep members of our communities safe.
  • AADD have created this very useful guide on what to do if you are planning to run a stall / support people who are attending a Home Office appointment / having to report.
  • Keep an eye on groups like Black Lives Matter UK, AADD, JCWI, Migrants Organise and other organisations who will announce protests and mobilisations that might be happening. Let us know if you are planning something too, and we can share with the wider Solidarity Know No Borders community.

Longer term-organising

There is so much energy right now, and the situation is fast evolving. Our Solidarity Knows No Borders Toolkit is designed for solidarity groups and organisations to deepen their organising practice for the long term. The toolkit considers how we conceive of power, how we build it and make change happen whilst also acknowledging the ‘seasonality’ of organising and how we can look after each other. Download your copy.

Our CEO Zrinka Bralo, recently wrote this piece ‘Be Realistic – Demand the Impossible‘ on where things are right now, and where we go – it feels particularly appropriate right now.

We’re in this together — sending love, solidarity, courage and strength to all in these moments.

Migrants Organise team.