Stop Watching Us! End the Surveillance of Migrants Exhibition

The Abolish Reporting London Campaign will hold the exhibition Stop Watching Us! End the Surveillance of Migrants on November 26 at Avalon Cafe in London. This is an interactive and free exhibition that exposes and demands an end to the surveillance of migrants.

Attendees can browse the exhibition, participate in a creative workshop, and listen to a panel of speakers organising for a world built on principles of care, not surveillance. To attend, reserve your space here.

Join the Abolish Reporting London campaign to find out more about immigration reporting and surveillance of migrants in London, the companies who profit from these cruelties and the people who resist.

This exhibition will expose the hostile practice of GPS tagging and monitoring as a condition for immigration bail. As in-person reporting is being reduced, it is urgent to pay attention to the increase in surveillance technologies and the significant psychological and physical harm that these are causing to our communities.

After a successful first run at Rabbits Road Press in June, we are bringing the Stop Watching Us! Exhibition to Avalon Cafe. We have expanded the exhibition to include new art and information to reflect our efforts to expose the companies and actors who perpetuate the dehumanising surveillance of people on the sharp end of this government’s hostile environment immigration policies.

This exhibition will place reporting and surveillance within the long history of racist anti-immigration policies in Britain and shed light on the companies that currently profit from “hostile environment” policies.

This exhibition is a space to build solidarity between individuals, communities and grassroots organisations and fight together against the increasing violence inflicted upon our communities. Together, we can protect our communities and abolish the hostile environment in its entirety.

About Abolish Reporting London

Abolish Reporting London is part of the national Abolish Reporting campaign, a coalition of grassroots groups, led by people with direct experience of the reporting system. We’re calling for this unfair, unjust and unnecessary harassment of migrants to be abolished.

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