Solidarity Knows No Borders: Call to Action Against the Hostile Environment – October 10-12th, 2020

For decades, migrant communities have lived under the shadow of a pervasive and dangerous system in Britain – accelerated by recent ‘Hostile Environment’ policies. These policies have killed many, and destroyed the lives of thousands more. 

To commemorate those killed, and to rally together as a movement, we are calling for a weekend of action against the Hostile Environment on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October 2020. The weekend will conclude with vigils on Monday, October 12th to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Jimmy Mubenga, killed by G4S deportation guards onboard a commercial flight forcibly removing him from the country. 

Like Joy Gardner 27 years ago, and the 39 Vietnamese migrants found in a lorry in Essex last year, Jimmy was killed by the state racism of Britain’s immigration policies. Their deaths are representative of the brutality of this system, which denies justice and dignity to countless others every day. Those kept in detention, deported, drowned at sea, denied healthcare or whose lives are destroyed by the Home Office’s callous disregard for human life, all share this common experience. 

We are therefore calling for a weekend of action to demand justice for all the lives destroyed by Britain’s racist immigration policies and to make clear that #BlackLivesMatter means the Hostile Environment must end. We will make visible the names and lives of those taken by this unjust system, and the experiences of all those who face the callousness of this broken system every day. Together, we will mobilise to bring an end to the Hostile Environment.

The weekend’s demands will centre on the recently launched FIRM Charter, although groups will focus and take action on the campaigns and experience most relevant to them. 

The weekend will involve a series of decentralised, local actions taking place around the country, coordinated together around the slogan ‘Solidarity Knows No Borders’ #SKNB. We invite you to take action – online or in person – in October with us. 

To get involved, either in running a local action, to support with media work or coordination, or any other ideas please get in touch with us at: or 

In solidarity,

Migrants Organise