NEW: Solidarity Knows No Borders Organising Workbook

Migrants Organise is proud to share the Solidarity Knows No Borders (SKNB) Organising Workbooka toolkit to share tools, ideas, stories and strategies for migrant justice organisers. 

This is an interactive toolkit designed to support communities in resisting Britain’s racist & hostile immigration system and to build knowledge of practical organising tools like power mapping and 1-2-1s. 

The workbook is a living, breathing and changing publication, which we will update and translate with time. 

The creation of this toolkit has – as ever- been a team effort. It shares the organising wisdom from the Migrants Organise organising team, coupled with the design skill of Migrants in Culture who are dedicated to reclaiming the power of art and culture as integral to social change. 

The workbook is available in an easy-to-print black/white version as well as a colour version for you to print and share. 

Organising Together 

Throughout 2023 the Solidarity Knows No Borders community, including Migrants Organise and Migrants In Culture came together to create ideas, reflections and tools for grassroots groups and organisations to build power and take collective action. 

Using drawings from visual notetaking from SKNB Summits we have created a beautiful and engaging design to help us as we imagine a better world. 

The first version of this SKNB Organising Workbook was made in the run up to the Ten Years Too Long: #EndtheHostileEnvironment Week of Action in 2022.  During that period, in June 2022,  over 60 migrant justice groups, organisations and collectives came together to organise protests, trainings, art installations, film screenings, manifestos, carnivals, gigs,  solidarity picnics, public lectures and seminars all calling an end to the racist hostile environment. 

Building our power 

Solidarity Knows No Borders is a community of migrant organisations, groups and individuals, organising in solidarity to end hostility and racism against migrants and refugees.

We are a growing grassroots community committed to building a world where all people live in safety, abundance, dignity and justice. To build a better world, we must build our power as a progressive movement for social justice that does not leave anyone behind. 

We welcome groups, organisations, individuals who share in our commitment for dignity and justice. Explore our journey and visit the brand new (and beautiful) Solidarity Knows No Borders website.

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