New Guide: Challenging Notice to Move to the Bibby Stockholm Barge

UPDATE: Please ensure you are using version 3.1 of our guide (updated 21 November 2023) as it takes into account the Home Office Failure to Travel to Bibby 2.0 policy.

Migrants Organise has developed a new guide (Version 3.1 – updated 21 November 2023) for individuals, advisers and caseworkers to challenge notices for individuals to move to the Bibby Stockholm Barge, in light of Home Office plans to order asylum seekers back to the barge on October 19, following evacuation due to legionella onboard.

Migrants Organise has developed a new guide to challenge notice to move to the Bibby Stockholm Barge. The guide is aimed at individuals, but also support workers and caseworkers. Download it here.

What is included in the guide to challenge notice to move to the Bibby Stockholm Barge?

The guide provides a step-by-step guide on what needs to be done when an individual receives the notice. It also features links to further resources including:

  • Template letter to request supporting letter from GP / medical professional
  • Template letter to respond to the Home Office
  • List of some legal aid public law solicitors

Please note this guide is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.

Why challenge notice to move to the Bibby Stockholm Barge?

From our extensive experience with the asylum support system, we know that the Bibby Stockholm is a precarious, unsustainable stopgap that will only exacerbate the harms of the hostile environment. No amount of repurposing can make the Bibby Stockholm safe or suitable as accommodation.

That’s why it is crucial that individuals who have been instructed to return to the Bibby Stockholm Barge have access to clear, accurate information on how to challenge the notice should they wish to do so.

How can you show solidarity with people instructed to move to the Bibby Stockholm?

  • Please share this guide in your network to help make sure impacted individuals have this information.
  • Use the hashtag #NoFloatingPrisons and stay informed with updates from Migrants Organise on social media and via email.
  • If you are in London and interested in community organising work around the issue of housing and asylum support accommodation, please contact us.

The Bibby Stockholm is unsafe and unsuitable. What we urgently need is community-based housing infrastructure to truly support and welcome people into our communities. Our position is informed by direct work with impacted individuals and organisers in Portland, and is reflected in our ongoing legal work around the Bibby Stockholm and housing under the hostile environment. Learn more here.