Migrants Organise Resilience Festival 2023 gets started!  

We’re delighted to launch the 2023 Resilience Festival at Migrants Organise. Read on for more information about the festival and why it’s so necessary. 

This year’s programme 

In 2023, the Resilience Festival runs from June 13th until July 15th and coincides with Refugee Week. The festival includes: a 10km Walk across London, music, gardening, art, jewellery making, mindfulness, storytelling, fun days and picnics. These activities build on our weekly  group activities that continuously run as part of our Community Programme; from football, poetry, art and language groups to name a few. 

The joy of sharing space, activity food and music with our community is a reminder of the better world we are building together. 

Building Community After Lockdown

“… by joining this group I am gaining my confidence back. That loneliness that I felt before is just gradually disappearing.” Migrants Organise Member.

The idea for the “Resilience Festival” emerged in 2021. After the profound challenges and loss experienced during the pandemic, we wanted to create spaces of joy, friendship and resilience to help us process the trauma and grief we all felt. It was also at a time when we had to re-learn the process of coming together and being with each other, after months of isolation. 

We ran online and offline spaces and activities, ranging from mindfulness, music, art, dance, story-telling, creative writing and gardening.  It was immensely popular and in 2021 over 170 of our members participated and shared in this space of positivity and support.

Building Solidarity

Whilst we organise and campaign to change unjust systems, we need to be there for people currently subjected to our hostile immigration and asylum system.

 If you’d like to support the vital work we are doing with our members feel free to donate to our Legal Walk Fundraiser.