Migrants Organise Members Speak Out…

When we show up for each other, to support each other, we are powerful. 

Solidarity is everything. This is one of our core beliefs at Migrants Organise. 

A few weeks ago three of our members, Saydul, Bose and Ruth came together to share what solidarity means to them and how anything is possible when we come together.

Watch the film below, and read on to hear from members.

Saydul Member November 2O22


“Before, I didn’t know about ‘solidarity’ or something like this, but when I joined this organisation, then I started to believe in humanity again.”

They arranged* a nice accommodation for me [*through a hosting network]

When I wake up, I’m in this house, sometimes for me it’s unbelievable. Because I know what a house means. I know what family means. 

I don’t have anyone here. No close relatives or family here. But today I have friends, I have a group. So, for me, it’s more than my family.

When people come together, we can fight for anything.”


β€œThe thing that Migrants Organise gave me was to be able to express myself, in a way that I never thought that I’d be able to do. “

I’m part of the poetry group, arts group, and the women’s group. Every Tuesday I would be looking forward to the group because then I could see the ladies, we could have a talk, and then I didn’t feel that isolated.

Solidarity means working together to achieve a common goal. Justice, freedom and equality.”


“Solidarity is giving a sense of family, a sense of belonging.”

“What really stood out for me, joining Migrants Organise, was when I got my admission to the college. It gave me an opportunity to study again, to do what I love – I love maths. And I’m preparing for my GCSE.

Solidarity is giving a sense of family, a sense of belonging. 

Getting strength from one another. You partake in all these activities and it gives you more strength, it gives you more hope.”

Migrants Organise is a platform for migrants and refugees to organise for justice.

This work could not be done without you and your solidarity.

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