Celebrating 30 Years of Migrants Organise

This month, November 2023, Migrants Organise is  marking  30 years of grassroots organising for dignity and justice.

Illustration by Esme Hemmings Studio

Migrants Organise came to life through gatherings in North Kensington living rooms, where migrant and refugee leaders would provide advice and support to their communities. The organisation became known as the The Refugees and Migrant Communities Forum (The Forum) and then in 2015 Migrants Organise.

Since 1993, we grew and transformed,  into the organisation we are today: a platform where refugees and migrants organise for power, dignity and justice. 


Our daily work combines advice and support for individuals at the sharp end of the  hostile environment immigration policies with community organising, advocacy, research and campaigning to help dismantle structural racism.                    

In reflecting upon our history and looking ahead to the future, it is clear our greatest achievement will always be the solidarity we have built together with our community, made up of people like you.

Thank you for being on this journey with Migrants Organise. Together, we will keep standing up for a world where every person lives in dignity and justice.