Winter Solidarity Appeal

We have launched an urgent Winter Solidarity Appeal to help us meet increasing demand and alleviate hardship felt by migrants and refugees. Can you help? 

Our members are living in double isolation – through the hostile eye of internal border controls and the full force of #Covid19

We are calling on our supporters and community to show solidarity and donate to our front line services providing immediate relief, and legal & holistic support. 

”We left our countries to seek a better life for ourselves and our families. Some of us made perilous journeys, risking our lives to seek safety and protection. What we all want is a dignified life.

Instead we are not allowed to work or claim benefits. We are scared to go to the hospital or to visit the GP if we are sick or showing any symptoms of Coronavirus as we might get reported to the Home Office and be forced to go back.” Ruth, Migrants Organise member 

Like many of our members, Ruth attends weekly online activities. 

We provide urgent hardship and ongoing holistic support

In the first lockdown we supported 380 people with urgent hardship relief  as well as on-going holistic support. With your help we could reach more people with: 

  • Immediate hardship relief & support to access food, toiletries and winter clothing
  • Digital access grants for laptops, internet and phone credit to connect members to online activity
  • Legal and case work support: for members to regularise their status and access public services
  • Volunteer phone buddying: regular phone calls from volunteer buddies to check in with each other  
  • Weekly activities and classes, English classes, poetry groups, women’s group to connect, learn and stay strong together
  • Organising Support to ensure migrant voices are heard in campaigning to challenge the devastating effects of living under the hostile environment

The next few months are going to be challenging for us all.

We need allies and supporters to extend the feeling of welcome and solidarity for migrants and refugees.

Show solidarity with migrants and refugees and donate to our frontline services.