We are recruiting Healthcare for All Migrant Organiser – join Migrants Organise to fight back NHS Charges

Job Title: Healthcare for All  Migrant Organiser

Location: London with regular travel across England

Salary: £33,000 per annum + 4% stakeholder pension

Hours: 35 hours per week. Flexible hours including some evening and weekend working

Duration: One year fixed term, extension subject to funding

Application Deadline: 5pm on Monday 9th September 2019

Interviews: Monday 16th September 2019

About Migrants Organise

Migrants Organise is a platform where migrants and refugees organise for power, dignity and justice. We work across the UK to bring community organisations, individuals, and institutions together on a common platform to act with, not for, migrants and refugees.

 How do we work?

  • We speak outWe make our voices heard, and we take a stand on the issues that affect us. We tell our stories, and we create opportunities for our voice to be heard.
  • We connect people. We act relationally. People need connections to belong and thrive with dignity. We see strength and resilience in our individual identities and experiences as people. We connect people with resources.
  • We grow power. We recognise and use power to make change. We provide a platform for people to develop skills, leadership, confidence, connections, speak out and act.
  • We build common ground.We bring diverse people together around on a shared platform. We create spaces for people to find common ground and shared perspectives for action.

What do we do?

  • We organise: we work with communities to act for change. We develop leaders to understand their power, their issues, and how to build actions for change.
  • We mobilise: we bring people to strategic actions and campaigns. We urge and support people to take action on the issues affecting migrants and refugees.
  • We mentor: we support and connect people with others who can provide advice on the journey to integration, who can share knowledge, experience or friendship.
  • We train: we develop people’s skills, confidence, experience and capacity to act. We use workshops, training sessions, action and experience to help people to develop.
  • We celebrate: we find and create platforms to recognise people. We celebrate migrants and refugees and their contributions.

We know that immigration is a complex issue, and that xenophobia and negative discourse can’t be changed overnight, or by one person. That’s why we’re building a movement of migrants and refugees whose integration and contribution to their communities is a positive story that needs to be heard.

Our Migrant Organiser will be working as part of a team of dynamic organisers around the UK, who are growing the power of migrants and refugees to act for justice, dignity and positive social change.

The main aims of the post are to:

  1. Grow the capacity of migrant and refugee communities to organise, build alliances for dignity and justice with specific focus on NHS charges and access to healthcare for migrants.
  1. Support migrants and refugees and other Organisers in the development of effective local, regional and national campaigns for access to healthcare.
  1. Co-ordinate their contribution to and participation in Migrants Organise’s and Access to Healthcare Partnership’s  national strategy, in order to grow an organised participation of migrant and refugee communities in the access to healthcare campaigns and actions.

We are looking for exceptional candidate to join our Access to Healthcare partnership  with Medact and the New Economics Foundation to further develop #PatientsNotPassports campaign and ensure participation of migrants and refugees in strategic as well as local work in ensuring justice and dignity for vulnerable people.

You will play an integral part of a team where everyone takes an energetic, flexible and collaborative approach to their work, and are committed to improving lives of migrants and refugees.

Migrants Organise is an equal opportunities employer. We strongly encourage people with the personal experience of migration to apply for this post. If you would like to discuss further or would like to talk through the role before applying, please contact us directly on 020 8964 4815.

Please email your CV and a cover letter (maximum of two pages) outlining how you meet the requirements below to recruitment@migrantsorganise.org

Th deadline for submissions is 5pm, on 9th September 2019  Interviews will be held on Monday 16th September 2019


Duties and key responsibilities:

Grow Power

  • Identify, recruit and support migrant and refugee organisers across England and facilitate their participation in the Patients not Passports campaign
  • Organise and deliver training, mentoring and support for migrant and refugee movement builders to enable them to build alliances with healthcare processionals meaningful and strategic local action.
  • Support migrant and refugee movement builders to organise, lead and deliver organised and effective social justice actions locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Evaluate social justice actions and leadership development using both Migrants Organise’s and the Patients not Passports partnership evaluation frameworks, and contribute to organisation and partnership learning.
  • Seek funding for local and regional actions and organisers, in collaboration with other staff, to secure resources and sustain the programme for the long-term. Maintain good working relationships with funders and partners and report as required.

Network and Connect

  • Coordinate with the Healthcare for All partnership campaign initiated by Migrants Organise along with the healthcare workers’ charity Medact and the New Economics Foundation (NEF).
  • Attend the monthly partnership meeting and work to expand and grow the groups and individuals in the partnership.
  • Undertake at least 30 one-to-one relational meetings every month with community leaders, movement builders, members, partners and other key stakeholders in order to build a network of power relations which give energy and legitimacy to Migrants Organise’s regional alliance.
  • Recruit, train and support volunteer or trainee organisers to support the growth of migrant and refugee leadership and organising capacity.

Build Common Ground

  • Co-ordinate partnership social justice campaigns, actions and assemblies for migrant, refugee and minority communities across different region. Take responsibility for developing effective actions related to the Patients not Passports campaign.
  • To create and coordinate a coalition of migrant service providers in the UK, and to develop and implement a model of direct action casework and sharing of best practice between them.
  • Support the growth of strong relationships of trust and mutual support between migrant and refugee movement builders, healthcare workers, civil society organisations and important individuals in the region and nationally.
  • Work in partnership and build alliances across migrant, refugee, minority and other civil society sectors, to contribute to the development of Migrants Organise as a strong, respected civil society institution and its movement builders as major power players in civil society.
  • Help shape Migrants Organise’s national strategy to grow an organised refugee and migrant movement, and to help direct the Patients not Passports strategy.
  • Work with other colleagues in the team to build a collaborative, relational working culture, rooted in Migrants Organise’s values.

Speak Out –  External Liaison and Public Speaking

  • Collaborate with the Advocacy and Campaigns Officer and other colleagues to ensure that migrant and refugee movement builders are supported to share their stories and voices in local, regional and national media and forums in meaningful, participatory and equal way.
  • Represent Migrants Organise in relevant networks and at events.
  • Keep up to date on relevant local and national political and policy developments.
  • Regularly contribute to Migrants Organise’s website and social media, and support migrant and refugee movement builders to contribute to Migrants Organise’s communications platforms. Assist in the production any other relevant content (e.g. electronic newsletters, policy responses, research reports, press releases etc.).
  • Work closely with the Migrants Organise team to effectively publicise the work of Migrants Organise.

Team and Organisational management

  • Work with the Advocacy and Campaigns Officer and Chief Executive through line management and supervision mechanisms to deliver to the above outcomes
  • Be self servicing and ensure records and data are kept (up to date) of all activities, using Migrants Organise established systems
  • Report on the work of the region as needed for the line manger, Trustees, Fundraising, Annual report

General Responsibilities  

  • Represent and be an ambassador for Migrants Organise and the Patients not Passports campaign
  • Work to support the mission, ethos and values of Migrants Organise
  • Be flexible and carry out other associated duties as may arise, develop or be assigned in line with the broad remit of the position
  • Support and promote diversity and equality of opportunity in the workplace
  • Work collaboratively with others in all aspects of our work

This job description does not form part of your contract of employment and can be amended from time to time as the needs of the organisation require.



  • Relevant, recent and substantial experience of working in community development, healthcare, community organising or local campaigns in the not for profit sector
  • Experience creating and leading broad based, national campaigns and working with a range of different organisations and groups
  • A similar role in an organisation (paid or unpaid) which involved turning organisational objectives into organisational activity.
  • Management of projects to funding criteria, targets and outcomes.
  • Working with marginalized groups and individual volunteers to improve empowerment
  • Working to deadlines singularly and as a part of a team responsibility.
  • Ideally experience of working remotely


  • Organisational skills to undertake a complex and varied role in a national organisation.
  • Adopt a solution-focused approach and make decisions effectively and timely
  • Interpersonal and strong spoken and written communication skills which engage audiences, encouraging understanding and participation
  • Problem solving in a complex and rapidly changing environment.
  • Ability to troubleshoot difficult situations, and deal with them calmly, diplomatically efficiently and effectively.
  • IT skills at a level that supports report writing, email, internet and database.
  • Motivating people during periods of challenging change in environment and resources.
  • Adaptability and flexibility in being able to take on new roles and manage a range of different internal and external relationships.


  • Regulatory requirements and best practice policy and guidance relating to immigration policy, social exclusion and the changing relationship between government and the voluntary sector.
  • Role and nature of the voluntary sector and some of the challenges it faces, including funding; voice; advocacy; campaigning; delivery.
  • Knowledge of the National Health Service (NHS) and healthcare in the UK more generally.


  • No one specific qualification is required, but evidence of recent continuing professional development in a professional area relevant to the post is required.


  • Able to travel both in London and nationally to work with regional groups and alliances
  • Able to work some evenings and weekends and stay overnight where necessary.
  • Works well in a team with a flexible approach to work
  • Personal resilience and the ability to stay focused in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Commitment to anti-discriminatory practice and equal opportunities. An ability to apply awareness of diversity issues to all areas of work.
  • Commitment to the values and ethos of supporting migrants regardless of their status.
  • Commitment to upholding the rights of people facing disadvantage and discrimination in their attempt to settle and integrate in the UK.
  • Commitment to universal healthcare system, free at the point of use.

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