Top Tips for Integrating into the UK

Earlier this summer, the Blog Team gathered to discuss tips and tactics on how to adjust and make the most out of living in the UK. Many of us shared our first experiences and how we were able to beat loneliness and make new friends.


These are our top tips for integrating into the UK:


1) The local library is a great resource. You can use the Internet, read, talk to people, find people who are interested in the same fields, and get maps and information about everything including what’s going on in the city and different programmes. – Ali

2) When you think everybody is calling you “Mike,” they are calling you “mate.” – Louie


3) Go to parks, cinemas, theatres, museums and pubs and make new friends. – Louie


4) Mix with people, walk around, observe how people are, read newspapers, watch TV. – Mahmood


5) Everyone is always thinking about the weekend. – Mohsen


6) Don’t eat too much fish and chips. – Mohsen


7) Ask a British person how to use a bus map (or use – Nick

0 thoughts on “Top Tips for Integrating into the UK

  • Really liked your top tips and as a long-ago immigrant, I agree. As well as TV, listen to the radio. You’ll hear lively debates sometimes, and that can tell you what the hot topics are.
    Also, if you’re able to volunteer, even a little, that’s a great way to feel part of the community. (a self-interested promotion from Age Concern K&C)

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