Take your MP to work – a campaign for legal justice

We’re joining forces with Young Legal Aid Lawyers to organise for better access to legal justice- now we want you to join us, here’s how.

Everyday, we see the  impact of not having quality legal support. Our case workers spend hours searching endlessly to identity legal representation for our members- but support is shrinking. 

Without good quality legal representation our members – migrants and refugees- living under the sharp end of anti migrant policies are denied their rights and unable to build the resources and support systems needed to thrive.  

Bring Your MP To Work invites workers on the front-line of legal aid to show the impact of legal advice and representation, to build connections and share the barriers people are facing in getting access to justice.

We are calling on community advisers – whether from law firms or charities – across the country to partner up and invite your local MP and prospective MPs to accompany you to your place of work (be it a law firm, court room, or advice centre), see access to justice in practice and learn about the issues you work on. 

This is a chance to make our collective voices heard and to push members of a future government to commit to a well-funded, sustainable legal aid system. We hope you join us in taking action.