Support us at the London Legal Walk

The Rwanda deportation plan has shown us how much work we have to do. We need to be there for people stuck in this hostile system – to show up for each other and to challenge injustices.  

Next week is Refugee Week and on Tuesday (June 18th) our staff, members and volunteers will be walking 10km with the London Legal Walk.

An image of Migrants Organise fundraising for urgent frontline services
London Legal Walk 2018

That’s why we’re reaching out to you- as part of our community and friends – to help us build a solidarity fund for our frontline service. We’ve got a £5000 goal which will help us provide quality advice and support to our members. 

For our members, everyday is maze of complex anti-migrant rules and enforcement. Without the right support and advice, people are denied the most basic of things: like having a safe home, adequate healthcare, a family life, the right to work and ultimately a life of dignity. 

Over the years we have supported thousands of people with advice, support, mentoring and creative activities to rebuild their lives and live with dignity. 

This refugee week, we’re honouring the strength and resilience of our members. Can you help us raise £5000? 

If you are not able to donate then another easy way you can support us is by helping to spread the message of solidarity—could you forward this email to a friend, or share our message on X or Instagram.  

Together, we can be there for each other  – to protect our communities and to challenge injustices.