Put the LIGHT ON Racism

Have you been a victim of hate speech?

If so, The Forum would like to hear from you.

The Forum is working on an EU wide project to combat hate speech and racism. We have designed a short survey for people to share their experiences of hate speech in the UK. If you have experienced hate speech or seen someone else targeted, please fill in this short survey about the incident.

For The Forum Survey please click here 

Hate speech can include the use of words or phrases attacking you based on your race, religion, ethnicity and/or culture. For example, remarks that are Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, targeting Roma and traveller communities, or attacking people based on their skin colour or because they are migrants to the UK. We are especially interested in the language used – specific words and phrases that you feel marked it out as hate speech, targeting you as a member of a group to which you may or may not belong.

The survey will be used in a report on the nature and extent of hate speech in the UK, as part of the Light On project, funded by the European Commission. This is done in partnership with colleagues in Italy, Hungary, Finland and Slovenia to share and compare findings on hate speech across Europe, in order to develop campaigns and strategies to combat it.

In addition to monitoring public space, the press and social media, it is crucial to hear what you have to say about experiencing or observing hate speech. It would be of huge help to us if you could fill in this short survey and give us details of the words and/or phrases that you found offensive.

Please also share this survey with anyone you know who may have experienced this kind of incident and would be happy to share it with us.

All information will remain anonymous, you will not be asked for any personal details and your responses will only be used for this project.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact The Forum at info@mrcf.org.uk

Thank you.

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