Our Voices on Policy and Integration

Integration is, and has always been, on our agenda. It is core to our work and the goal of our members. Earlier in 2011, the Home Secretary announced that the Coalition Government was developing a new integration strategy of which a draft has been bouncing between departments and yet to surface.

On Monday, we will release our new multimedia report entitled:

“OPERATION INTEGRATION: The Making of New Citizens”

It is the culmination of six months of reflection and research. It both lays out the context of past integration policies in the UK and holds up examples of amazing success stories. At the Forum, we are best place to connect policy makers with the voices of migrants who are in the process of integrating. Here are the testimonies, case studies and resources that make integration happen in the real world.

Please join us in diving deep into different experiences of integration. This multimedia report will include the full policy report (PDF), photo profiles of 8 migrants, over 30 videos on integration tipping points, and blog posts exploring international and local issues in migrants’ lives.

Integration and belonging are not part of the policy number games or lists of tick boxes, it is about making a new citizens for the benefit of all.

Watch this space as the Forum rolls out the full report on Monday and the weeks to come. 

Click here for the report – DOWNLOAD NOW.


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  • Hi!
    I look forward to the publication of this report as integration is one of the subjects I am most interested in. I am sure it will be extremelly interesting. Congratulations for your work!

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