Patients Not Passports is Launched – Join the Campaign!

Over the past month, together with our partners at Medact and with the campaign group Docs Not Cops, Migrants Organise has launched the Patients not Passports toolkit which supports healthcare workers and communities to oppose the hostile environment.

The toolkit is part of a rapidly growing movement open to everybody who believes in dignity, justice and a free NHS.

The launch began with a healthcare worker oriented event on April 9 at the UCL Institute of Child Health attended by dozens of healthcare workers. This was followed by a gathering of more than 400 healthcare workers, migrants and campaigners on April 30 at the Challenging Far-Right Policies in the NHS meeting. The event was cosponsored by a broad coalition of twenty four migrants groups, racial justice  organisations, healthcare worker associations and anti-austerity activists.

Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe from Unite the Union, Elwaldo Romeo from Windrush Action Suresh Grover from The Monitoring Group, Amrit Wilson of South Asia Solidarity Group and Dr Sophie Williams from Docs Not Cops connected the Government’s ‘hostile environment’ to the legacies of colonialism and racism still present in British society today. They all called for a united campaign to overturn the hostile environment and to advance justice and dignity across society.

This call is already being answered, with groups in Birmingham and Cambridge holding public meetings in April and May to establish community wide campaigns – with many more already established and being escalated throughout the country.

Read more about what happened, and what you can do:

Most importantly, contact us about how to get involved where you are!


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