OPERATION INTEGRATION: The Making of New Citizens

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This is our story of integration, of how to belong; a story of what has been achieved here in London with a little bit of money, and a lot of inventiveness and passion.  Over the past 18 years we at the Forum have worked with thousands of people from over 90 different countries—refugees, fleeing recent conflicts and repression to economic migrants and British people alike, many of them  longstanding community leaders, all adapting to austerity measures.

This report presents experiences of migrants and refugees and tells the story of their integration in London. It charts challenges and success of the Forum and other grassroots organisations that deliver integration support. It provides policy context and it gives users’ perspectives on the impact on migrants and the rest of the country.

This multimedia report includes the full report (PDF), integration profiles of 8 migrants, over 20 video interviews on integration tipping points, and blog posts exploring international and local perspectives on integration.

What Makes You Tip?

8 Profiles of Migrants and their Integration Tipping Points

In this series, migrants in London were asked their integration experiences in order to discover their integration tipping points – the incidents or moments when they finally felt that they belonged in the UK. Their stories are summarised here in testimony-style profiles to show examples of how diverse the integration experience is for individual migrants.

The participants were asked their arrival stories by focusing on what kind of challenges they encountered, then their tipping points of integration, and finally, whether they feel the belong now.

What was your Tipping Point?

Share your story of when you first felt comfortable in London

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