MRCF launches new website – Dentist StudyBuddy

MRCF has launched the new website called the Dentist StudyBuddy (formerly called the DJC: Dentist Journal Club) aimed to improve our services to overseas dentists studying to for their verification exams in the UK.

Over the last year, MRCF has conducted a review of our services and the needs of our 3,439 DJC members. We conducted a survey of current members and researched other services. MRCF has operated the DJC for the last 10 years free of charge but with no funding to support the project. We have done this because we know it is an essential service that overseas qualified dentists need when they come to this country. But because of the current financial climate, we realised that MRCF can no longer continue without charging for the service we provide.

Left with the choice between cutting a project we know has helped many dentists verify their qualifications and go on to contribute to British society or re-invent ourselves as a social enterprise, we chose the later.

The new website for the Dentist Verification Network will improve your experience in three ways:

1. Streamlined application and acceptance process

Much of the feedback from members asked for a quicker application process with relevant information and easier to submit… so this is what we’ve done!

2. Better organised forum to make it easier to find answers to your questions

This new site is organised into six groups which will focus on common discussions in the group. Many users said there were repeated questions and unnecessary emails. This new structure and search function will make it easier to see if your questions were previously answered on the forum. The email format required the same questions to be answered again and again; this site will preserve questions and answers so they are only answered once!

 3. Added video and other multimedia resources

So many new resources are becoming available online and in video formats that we figured we should compile an online resource library as well as offline. You can add your favourite resources as well so every one in our community benefits.

In the process of redesigning our services, we have used the survey responses and input from other users to develop this new site. A few important statistics were:

50% of respondents requested the option for both posts on discussion boards and messages between members. This is why we are transitioning to this new site, which allows for discussion boards and direct messages between members.


98% of respondents said the most useful function of the previous project was to exchange information, which is why the new site is organised around five topical groups and allows for members to continue the quality peer support that the DJC was known for.


[h4]In your opinion what is the most important feature of the Dental Journey Club?[/h4]

[ul style=”arrow”]

  • Finding information related to preparing for qualification exams   97.0%
  • Communicating with other people interested in the same subject   44.0%
  • Finding information about additional courses  39.0%
  • Finding someone interested in buying or exchanging tools or educational materials  31.0%
  • Finding information about future employment  25.0%


Over the next few months we need your help in making this service a viable, useful resource for overseas qualified dentists in the UK. The Dentist StudyBuddy is happy to provide the platform for connecting and learning; we need your help in supporting your peers. Please join us in this exciting project.

The StudyBuddy Team
To join the Dentist StudyBuddy, please follow the instructions on the following page.

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