Mentoring Celebration at the Kew Gardens

reporting and photos by Azadeh Hosseini

On  Wednesday 12th July Kew Gardens welcomed Migrants Organise members and provided us with 28 free tickets.

We started our day by having a picnic with certificate ceremony for those who attended our activities. Migrants Organise runs activities and social groups like English classes, poetry, sewing and youth group. Our members got chance to be with their friends and get to know other members. Most of them have never been in this amazing place.


Palm House was one of the places we went to. This huge glasshouse with rainforest climate is the home of unique collection tropical species from all over the world.

In our way to Palm House, there is a garden with various kinds of roses with amazing smells which are reminder of good old memories.


Some of our members suffer from mental health problems, are isolated and rarely come out of their houses.  Also, they have limited financial resources therefore they are not able to access such places, so for them and all of us, it was amazing and unique experience thanks to Kew Gardens and Jeff, our English teacher who facilitated the visit.

The next place was The Hive; an amazing construction is designed for viewers to experience bees’ live.  It was both educational and incredible experience for all of us.

We enjoyed a nice unforgettable sunny day full of laughter and happiness at Kew Gardens and said farewell to Clare who is leaving Migrants Organise.



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