Join the Migrants Organise Webinar Series, Starting Jan 28th!

We are building a movement for migrant justice. Join us at our 2021 Webinar series kicking off at 5pm, January 28th as we explore different experiences and traditions of migrant organising, and how to build our collective power and work towards systemic change. To attend you must register via our Zoom page, and find out about upcoming webinars in our series by joining our mailing list.

The webinar series is an aspect of the collective learning we are undertaking, as part of the FIRM Charter. It sets out the demands and principles of our migrant justice movement. Sign the Charter today!

You can find information on our first event the Facebook page, and register via Zoom. In this first session we will hear from US immigrant organisers on their experiences of mobilising migrant communities in the years and months leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. Our speakers will reflect on what made Trump’s defeat possible, despite the many challenges, and discuss what strategies we can learn and apply here in the UK.

Building our Migrant Justice Movement

We are building a movement for migrant justice by and for migrant communities. Amidst growing far-right nationalism and attacks on migrants and those who support them, it’s more important than ever to nurture and engage our communities to build our collective power. We want to grow our skills and capacity to enable bold action and radical change. 

In our 2021 webinar series, we’ll explore topics that impact our movement and our lives. From building power around elections, to the histories and traditions of migrant and anti-racist organising in Britain, to legal challenges and movement building: join us to discuss how we can win justice for our communities, and demand dignity, welcome, justice, and action.

Stay in Touch

To keep in touch about the webinar series and our work, follow Migrants Organise on Twitter and Facebook, and sign up to our mailing list.