Is Music is a Universal Language of Communication?

This Friday afternoon staff and volunteers at MRCF shared songs and videos with each other. A few of us began to dance and laugh. After a few moments, we realized that music is universal. It is known all around the world and an important art in every country and culture. There are different styles of the music for different people and we use our own instruments to provide melodies which we like and enjoy.The Internet era makes it easy for people to listen and enjoy the music and songs of each other. Even though we speak different languages, we can feel and enjoy music as a language together.

I really like to listen to music despite where it comes from, many times I don’t understand the language but I feel the music and I love it. One of my favourites on this playlist is Sara by Igd Al Jalad  – ‘عقد الجلاد – سار’. I do not understand the words of the song because it is from the south of Sudan (I am from the north) but I feel the melody and meaning.

We here in MRCF will start posting our Friday Multicultural Jams every week. It is a place to share music with others and a moment for us to spend together listening, dancing, speaking and feeling the music.


Click here for this week’s full playlist: Friday, Sept 23, 2011

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