Have your say! Should migrants care who the next mayor of London is?


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  • Do you want better and more affordable housing?
  • Do you want to work and earn a living wage?
  • Do you want better opportunities for your children?
  • Are your neighbourhoods’ safe enough? [/ul]

The next London Mayor, to be elected on May 3, has a responsibility and power to improve daily life for you, your family and your community. We need to make sure that the Mayor listens and works for migrant communities! Join us on Tuesday March 27 from 11am-1pm at MRCF when we discuss how the Mayor can improve the quality of our lives and communities and how you can influence this year’s election. Lunch will be provided and travel expenses can be refunded.

Places are limited, so please book at:
020 8964 4815.

For more info check out the webpage.

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