Haringey Welcome Launch offers fresh challenge to the Government’s ‘Hostile Environment’

More than 100 local Haringey residents, together with local members of Parliament,
councillors and council candidates gathered on Saturday, 24th February to express their
objection to the Government’s Hostile Environment policies.

The Haringey Welcome campaign is the first community initiative calling on local authorities
to pledge not to use public services as a means for immigration enforcement. The demand
mirrors similar commitments by local and municipal authorities in Europe, and learns from
the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ organising in the United States.

People of Haringey, as well as their prospective local election candidates, heard from a
number of individuals directly impacted by policies that target and isolate migrant
communities, as well as passionate speeches from Dr Jess Potter and local MP David
Lammy. All contributions pointed to the harm caused by the Hostile Environment policies to
migrants, and to the community at large.

Local residents as well as political candidates across the political spectrum were surprised to
learn that a large sum of local council tax is being spent to pay for an immigration officer
embedded in social services. The majority of attendees were not aware that this and other
policies were being implemented in the Borough – highlighting the need to raise awareness
about what is taking place. Those present signed the Haringey Welcome pledge, for the
dignity of all migrants and refugees in Haringey.

Migrants Organise is part of the Haringey Welcome campaign and if you are involved in
resistance to Hostile Environment policies and working towards their abolishment please get in touch with us.

For a recent and detailed briefing on the Hostile Environment, please see the briefing
created by Global Justice Now.

MP David Lammy signs the Haringey Welcome pledge.
Local residents, faith groups, and campaigners at the Haringey Welcome campaign launch.





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