Donate to our Winter Solidarity Appeal

“Solidarity means coming together to achieve a common goal…when people come together, we can fight for anything” Ruth

That’s why today we launch our Winter Solidarity Appeal to support our members living in destitution and hardship. But, we can’t fight for a better world without your support. 

When we show up for each other, to support each other, we are powerful. Solidarity is everything. 

Direct support is a source of power. As a community we fight for a better world, and in doing to we have to look out for each other.  A few weeks ago our members Ruth, Bose and Saydul came together to share their experiences.

The Winter Solidarity Fund is about providing emergency and hardship support for our members who need it. We’ll be providing items like: food vouchers, toiletries, winter clothes, toys and educational materials as well as resources for emergency and ongoing destitution support.

We have already worked with 560 individuals and their families in 2022, but this winter will be a long one. With more people facing destitution that ever before, in an increasingly hostile envrionment , we will unite for each other. 

Together, we are building power to fight the hostile environment while also caring for our communities. This work could not be done without you and your solidarity.