Stay Connected: Online and Offline Activism Conference

On Wednesday, November 23rd, over 30 graduates of MRCF’s 7 week Digital Activism Course participated in the “Stay Connected: Online and Offline Digital Activism Conference” in order to collaborate and create momentum to bring more migrants and refugees into digital debates and other online spaces. Throughout the night we explored how to engage more migrants and refugees online to create change and influence national and local politics.

Later, during the event we learned how to use three new tools in order to enhance our digital skills and to be ready to carry on with our digital projects. In particular, participants learned how to use Audioboo to upload audio clips, Seesmic to manage multiple accounts at once, and YouTube Video Editor to edit video for free and put it online through YouTube.

Here are a few audio clips from the night:

Caeli Christianson, Community Engagement Project Officer at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, presented to the group about digital influence and inclusion on a local level. The presentation is below:

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