Meet The Forum: Claudia

Volunteer – General Adviser

My name is Claudia and I am an Italian lawyer specialising in migration and refugee issues. In Italy I worked for several years as a legal advisor for refugees at an Italian NGO. Later I decided to move to the UK in order to improve my professional skills in the field of migration. In 2008, I gained an MA in Refugee Studies from the University of East London and since then have been working with several organisations as an intern researcher and caseworker. I am passionate about cinema, music and visual arts, including photography. As a member of Accademia Apulia, a social network promoting arts and culture in the UK, I am taking an active part in the organisation of a photographic award in 2012 on the topic of migration.

Where do you live now? Where have you lived before?

I currently live in London. Originally I am from Trani, a little town situated in Puglia, in the south of Italy. Why are you interested in migration? In the last decades, the south of Italy has been a landing place for many migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East. In this context, I became passionate about issues related to migrants and I wanted to be a lawyer to make a difference by advocating for their rights and to promote their needs.

What do you do at MRCF?

I am a volunteer general adviser.

How did you come to work at MRCF?

I became aware of MRCF through my work experience as an intern at the Independent Asylum Commission. I have always viewed MRCF as a respected and professional organisation with which I share values.

What do you think is unique about MRCF?

It’s an energetic, positive and stimulating multicultural environment where staff, volunteers and members from several other organisations work with passion and dedication. People really care about the plight of migrants and refugees

What issues do you think are most important to
migrants in London?

1. Cuts in legal aid for migrants and low levels of funding for the organisations that support them
2. There are issues related to irregular migrants and how they are dealt with in respect of basic human rights and human dignity
3. Lack of access to the labour market for asylum seekers

What are you looking forward to in the next year?
To work as a qualified immigration caseworker.

“I wanted to be a lawyer to
make a difference by advocating
for their rights and
to promote their needs.”


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