Can you spare a few hours a week to volunteer with us?

Can you provide weekly 121 support for refugees and migrants in London? 

Every year we work with incredible, dedicated volunteers who power our work. Will you join us?

Omar (my mentee) has shown me a very human side to the difficulties that asylum seekers encounter that goes beyond what can be garnered from news articles or academic journals. His remarkable strength of spirit and character, given the day to day uncertainties he faces, really provides perspective and only stands to motivate me further.”  Christian, Migrants Organise volunteer (not pictured) 



121 Mentors 

Migrants Organise has coordinated a successful mentoring programme for over ten years. The aim is to match volunteers with our members (refugees and migrants)  who need support to set goals to help them rebuild their lives here. Having consistent support that focuses on wellbeing, socialising as well as improving skills is a huge boots to the confidence and self-esteem of many members.

The support depends on the needs of the individual- it could be about settling into London, getting to know the local area, helping them to get a job or to volunteer etc We will help you identify needs and help you plan to meet this.

You’d need to be available for a couple of hours a week for around 6 months and happy to travel to a location convenient to your ‘match’. Travel expenses included.

We are particularly looking for male mentors for this opportunity. This is because we already have a wonderful team of female volunteers, and a few of our members would benefit from a match with a male volunteer. 

Interested? Our next induction evening in Ladbroke Grove is on Wednesday 3rd July 6pm-8pm, email to express your interest



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