Announcing the 2022 Migrants Organise Festival of Resilience

Welcome all to the 2022 Festival of Resilience, held by the Migrants Organise Community Programme! We are so excited about our programme for the next few weeks including picnics, live music, walking, reading, bingo and much more.

Some will be online and some together in person. You can see the full festival booklet here. Highlights include a kickoff Carnival of Resistance on 19 June, an ongoing journalling for wellbeing group (on WhatsApp), and a lunchtime reading group.

A year ago we held our first Resilience Festival as a response to needs emerging from Covid-19. We knew there was an urgent need for all our members, volunteers and staff to recharge from the challenges of the pandemic, and long periods of lockdown and isolation. We wanted everyone to have a chance to participate in positive activities that supported our wellbeing and connection – strengthening our resilience as individuals and as a community. Last year the majority of activities were online, running from April 18th until Refugee Week in June with a varied programme including mindfulness, music, art, dance, story-telling, creative writing, gardening, walking and even bingo!

This year we want to build on what went well and what we can do better. It is wonderful that we will have more outdoor and face to face activities and for that reason we decided to run the festival a little later to hopefully take advantage of better weather! The programme this year includes activities that were most popular last time as well as some new ones. You can read all about the festival in this booklet. We
have also included some ideas and resources that we hope you find useful. We look forward to you joining us in our Festival of Resilience!