The Forum’s AGM, Theatre group and much more…

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum took place on Thursday, November 24th with the aim of celebrating our many achievements of this year and looking toward the future. As with every year, the meeting represented an important occasion for sharing experiences and gathering everyone who worked hard this year to improve the lives of our members.

The night began with a talented violin duet, Raja and Kokila, and our mentors and mentees performed a famous play by Moli√®re. The Forum’s theatre group is directed by Maja¬†Milatovic-Ovadia. You can watch more of the performance below and also look forward to the full performance February 2012.

The work of MRCF and our member organisations have touched people from all over the world. We each have been working for the same hopes and dreams of a better world and a more fair society.

Our Impact in 2011:
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  • 3,539 Overseas qualified dentists using our online study forum
  • 374 Clients received advice on all aspects of social welfare law
  • 108 Mentors and mentees matched
  • 55 Leaders trained on social networking, blogging, and digitial activism
  • 44 Refugee and migrant community organisations received community development support


To find out more about our work this last year, please download our Annual Review and view a few of our videos.

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