access to justice

Having access to justice is a source of power, that’s why we’re fighting for a legal aid system that delivers justice for all.

Good quality legal advice is essential for migrant and refugee communities to lay down roots and lead settled, safe and secure lives. 

For our members, everyday life has become a maze of complex anti-migrant rules and enforcement. This is compounded by a legal aid crisis meaning there are very few places to get advice.

Without the right support and advice, people become trapped in this hostile by design immigration system and denied the most basic of things: like having a safe home, adequate healthcare, a thriving family life and the right to work. This harms all of us.

We’re organising to change this. We are connecting lawyers, community groups, charities and social justice workers to call for a legal aid system that truly delivers access to justice.

We demand:

Access to justice for all! Migrants and refugees can safely and effectively access legal aid, so that no one is left behind and our communities can thrive.

A well resourced and sustainable legal aid infrastructure: Legal aid should be free for those who need it. Legal aid workers need to be supported and compensated fairly.

A life of dignity! The hostile environment strips people of their dignity.  It’s time to end the hostile environment!

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