6 ways to show up in Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees

As the Government continues its attack on migrant and refugee communities, now is the time to build power and resistance within our communities. 

1. Demand better from your MP

Tomorrow (December 7th) MPs will be debating and voting on the Anti-Refugee Bill (Nationality and Borders Bill).

The Borders Bill threatens to: discriminate against people seeking asylum depending on how they arrive in the UK; opens the doors to offshore detention and inhumane immigration camps and grants the Government the power to revoke people’s British citizenship without notice – amongst so many other things. Watch our Borders Bill explainer. 

We must unite together to resist this Bill! Contact your MP- email or twitter- asking them to speak out against this Anti-Refugee Bill. You can find your MP here.

2. Join the Solidarity Knows No Borders Community of Resistance

Solidarity Knows No Borders is a growing community resisting hostile immigration policies and demanding a complete overhaul of our current immigration system. 

You can hear more and get involved at the next New Joiners meeting on January 20th. Sign up now!

In the meantime, support the movement by putting your name to the Fair Immigration Movement Charter. 

3. Fight Hostile Environment Policies 

The Hostile Environment is designed to make life unbearable for migrants and refugees; pushing them into exploitation and destitution. It works by turning all the things we need to survive into sites of border control. Under the Hostile Environment, you will be questioned about your immigration status and denied access if you need to see a doctor, send your kids to school, open a bank account, rent a house, apply for a driver’s license, and much more. 

You can support campaigns across the country that demand justice and dignity for our communities. 

4. Care for your community 

Find your local migrant and refugee community organisation and if you can, donate to their work.

You can support the Migrants Organise Winter Solidarity Appeal here: Our members—migrants and refugees trapped in a hostile immigration system—are facing destitution, isolation & increasing hostility. Our casework team is working with 500+ people & their families. We are building a Solidarity Fund to provide essential items for our members including essential clothes, food and educational items for children. Find out more and support.

5. Get Informed

Listen to the Still We Rise Podcast from our friends CARAG to learn more about how the hostile environment is bearing down on our communities. 

Featuring first hand testimony, including former residents of Napier Barracks, to academics and campaigners. This podcast is a must listen for people wanting to expand their political education to fight for a better future. Listen now

6. Get creative! Spread the word 

And finally, print and share these amazing posters made by our friends Migrants In Culture