250,000 Voices Against the Cuts

I recently completed the Digital Activism Course led by Nick at MRCF and have been working on how the cuts are affecting the charity sector. So naturally, I really wanted to be at the protest against the spending cuts- the March for the Alternative.

It was amazing to see hundreds of different groups and organisations behind this common aim! There were also a lot of families and older people, concerned and active citizens, thinking about our future. More than 250,000 voices were there to say that the cuts are affecting their lives in negative ways. We hope that they will be heard as it is the largest public demonstration since 2003 for the anti-Iraq war protest!

MRCF supports the movement and was present in solidarity with other migrants and refugees as we know that we are being hit hard by the cuts.

Here are a few of our tweets (@MRCF_london) from the day:

‘The cuts dont work!’ we need better answers for how our #migrant communities will survive. #26march

‘lets not go back to the dark days of poverty pay… its time for the rich to face up for the mess we are im today.’ from podium #26march

‘what is important about our society is not how big it is but how civilised it is’ from the podium #26march

‘like many of you here i am not hell bent against the gov- i am hell bent against inequality!’ from podium #26march

‘let me tell u about our com groups- we do a lot on little but we cannot on nothing!’ AMEN to that! #26march

One other place to watch is the website, Voluntary Sector Cuts. You can watch and report cuts happening in your area and see how the cuts are affecting others.

Have a look on this video featuring migrants at the march from Migrant Rights Network:

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