Anyone who is waiting for a final decision on their application to live in the UK can be required to regularly travel to “sign on” at an Immigration Reporting Centre. Every appointment carries the risk of being randomly taken to a detention centre. Reporting conditions amount to unfair, unjust and unnecessary harassment of migrants, and must be abolished!

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In March 2020, Migrants Organise and others wrote to the Home Secretary calling for in-person reporting to be suspended. This eventually happened: the demand was successful. But even as a second lockdown approached, the Home Office made the reckless decision to restart reporting conditions.

In March 2021, we worked with These Walls Must Fall to formally launch the Abolish Reporting campaign. Over 200 people attended our first online meeting. Since then, the campaign has grown to include migrant campaigners across Britain, many with direct experience of the reporting system, and has garnered support from local MPs such as Olivia Blake.

In July 2021, we helped organise the first national day of Abolish Reporting action. Community members gathered outside six of the 12 Reporting Centres in Britain and online to voice our demands:

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We demand an end to reporting conditions, for everyone.

We will break the silence through sharing our experiences and encourage others to do so.

We demand that those of you who witness and support us with reporting also take action to advocate for the abolition of reporting.

The Home Office must immediately move to alternative ways of staying in contact, such as email, text, or phone.

The action is just beginning— join us!
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