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Join a powerful movement of migrant and refugee leaders

Aug 17 2016

The Migrants Organise Community Leadership Academy kicks off again in London this September. The academy is a nine month action-based programme, focused…

The Forum Launches New Leadership Academy

Oct 07 2014

The announcement from Justice Secretary Chris Grayling on Friday vowing to scrap the Human Rights Act should the Conservatives be re-elected comes…

The Forum – Where London Happens

Sep 17 2012

[h3]MRCF has had a makeover…[/h3] Many of you probably know us as the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum or MRCF. We spent the…

Engage to Change – London Mayoral Election 2012

Apr 19 2012

London Mayoral Elections – Have your say on the 3rd of May!

Apr 02 2012

On 27th March, the Forum held an Engage to Change discussion on the London Mayoral elections to be held on 3rd of…

Have your say! Should migrants care who the next mayor of London is?

Mar 21 2012

  [ul style=”arrow”] Do you want better and more affordable housing? Do you want to work and earn a living wage? Do…

Migrants and the London election 2012

Mar 21 2012

What are the mayoral candidates’ views on migration and proposals for integration? Who is eligible to vote and how does the voting…

Why should migrants care about the Mayor of London?

Mar 16 2012

[h4]VOTE for MAYOR on May 3rd[/h4] Londoner’s daily life is touched by decisions of our Mayor more than by those of the…

OPERATION INTEGRATION: The Making of New Citizens

Feb 06 2012

This is our story of integration, of how to belong; a story of what has been achieved here in London with a…

Our Voices on Policy and Integration

Feb 03 2012

Integration is, and has always been, on our agenda. It is core to our work and the goal of our members. Earlier…