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Statement on Afghanistan

Aug 16 2021

As the world turns its attention to the unfolding situation in Afghanistan a bold show of leadership and humanity is needed to…

Hostile Borders Kill Women. We will not be silenced.

Mar 16 2021

We are deeply saddened by the case of Sarah Everard, a young woman whose life was cut short far too soon in…

Why we’re calling for #VaccinesForAll – regardless of immigration status, ID or proof of address

Mar 10 2021

A few weeks ago, the Government announced that undocumented migrants would not be subject to immigration controls whilst receiving the coronavirus vaccine.…

EU Citizens with Mental Health Disabilities: Are They Still Welcome?

Mar 05 2021

Vulnerable EU/EEA citizens risk being removed and indefinitely detained from 30th June. Migrants Organise is taking the Home Office to court to…

The Struggle for Migrant and Racial Justice in Britain: Lessons from History

Mar 05 2021

On Thursday, February 18th, Migrants Organise hosted the second in our #SolidarityKnowsNoBorders webinar series The Struggle for Migrant Justice in Britain: Lessons…

Undocumented in Lockdown: We Demand Our Rights & Dignity.

Feb 02 2021

This blog was written by Ruth, a member of Migrants Organise, following an organising training session with a number of other Migrants…

A Weekend of Actions Against the Hostile Environment: Our Solidarity Knows No Borders

Oct 15 2020

Amidst renewed attacks by the Government on migrants and the immigration system, migrant groups and community organisations in over 20 locations across…

Dreaming of alternative lives – Why I’m motivated to act

Oct 10 2020

This guest blog is by Nasrin Warsame, a volunteer buddy at Migrants Organise. It is part of our series of blogs focussing on ‘Solidarity Knows No Borders’: the weekend of action against the Hostile Environment.

Groups across Merseyside unite to stand against the Hostile Environment

Oct 08 2020

This guest blog is by Kaya Purchase, a member of Liverpool Solidarity Knows No Borders.

Solidarity Knows No Borders: Weekend of Action Against the Hostile Environment

Oct 05 2020

As part of the weekend of action against the Hostile Environment, groups across the country are taking action. Find an action local to you and get involved, or register for one of the actions online.