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Unlocking the Hostile Environment – What Next?

Aug 03 2020

Covid-19, it turns out, is not the great equaliser. The pandemic and lockdown, together, have exposed the different social realities experienced by…

Community Organising during Covid-19 lockdown in Yorkshire

Jul 02 2020

Organisations and community organisers across Yorkshire and the Humber Region sprung into action at the outbreak of COVID-19. They quickly adapted their work to the new reality and since then have been doing a great job supporting communities. In addition to all the Zoom meetings and activities they deliver lots of other services. Here is a snapshot of what our partners and members are doing across the region.

SIGN NOW: Everyone has a right to safely access healthcare in the UK

Jun 11 2020

No one should avoid healthcare because they are scared of the debt they’ll incur, or that they’ll be deported, especially not during…

Migrant Organising Lockdown Update

Apr 14 2020

We hope that you and your loved ones stay well and safe during this public health crisis.  Here at Migrants Organise we have been…

Christmas feast of memories

Jan 17 2020

Loraine Masiya Mponela, originally from Malawi is a migrants rights organiser at CARAG (Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group) and Migrants Organise.…